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I grew up in Michigan and Florida, but you could equally say I grew up in Tolkien’s Middle Earth and C.S. Lewis’s Narnia.  From the first time I walked through the wardrobe into Narnia, I knew that I loved fantasy fiction.  It allowed me to dream of bright places and also of the dark and mysterious.  In high school, I read voraciously and spent many hours playing roleplaying games with my friends.  But when I went to college, I thought I should try to grow up and work towards a “real” career.

I thought I would translate my love for castles into an architecture career.  I soon discovered that while I was okay at the art side of being an architecture student, I was horrible at the math side.  After three grueling semesters, I decided to change majors.  I didn’t know what I would change to, but I knew I wasn’t an architect.  I went to a career counselor to try to figure out what to do with myself.  He told me that I should take a variety of classes and see what I liked and see what I was good at.  At the time, this seemed like the worst possible advice, but I couldn’t think of any better plan, so I did what he said.

I took criminal justice classes and political sciences classes.  I took anthropology, philosophy and English.  What I discovered was that I had a talent for writing.  I soon embraced an English degree path and found that I could get A’s and be happy about it at the same time.  When I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1990, I was again at a cross roads.  Some of my professors at the University of Florida urged me to go to grad school. My father suggested law school.

I moved back home, while I figured it out.  Since an epiphany didn’t seem to be happening very quickly, my mother suggested I get a job at the new local bookstore while I figured it out.  I instantly feel in love with the book business.  I met many authors and shared my love of reading with people everyday.  Meanwhile, on my own, I worked on various projects.  I have journals full of rambling thoughts, short stories and embarassing rants.  I began to have a desperation to write.  I was surrounded by books all day and I wanted to see a book of my own on shelf.

I worked in bookstores for many years, spending most of my time as a manager for Barnes and Noble.  I worked in four stores over fifteen years and during that time I began to seriously work on my novel, Hawthorne.  I realized early on that much of writing is rewriting.  As a reader, I never realized how many drafts a manuscript needs to go through before it is ready for anyone else to read.  But I knew good writing and I continued to work on my book.

In 2011 We were blessed with the birth of our son.  As my wife and I contemplated how we wanted our child raised, we came to the conclusion that we didn’t want him in day care.  We decided that I would stay home with our boy and take the opportunity to finish my book. Years later, I’ve finally finished my book.

I’m excited to share Hawthorne with the world! I hope you enjoy reading it and I’d love to hear what you think.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kevin,
    What a great description of yourself. I had no idea you looked at this world from an author’s point of view. I’ll be glad to read your book when you put it on the market.

    • Hey Bob
      Yeah we never really had a chance to talk about writing or books on those Elko trips did we? I’ll keep you posted about how the publishing end of things is going. How’s your band doing?

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