Adventures in Self Publishing

I’ve been wading in deep into the waters of book marketing and I’ve found a great book that I wish I’d found months ago. It’s Self Printed: A Sane Person’s Guide To Self Publishing, by Catherine Ryan Howard. Catherine’s website

Click here for Catherine’s book.

I love Catherine’s no non-sense approach to the whole adventure of publishing your own book. She doesn’t pull any punches about the reality of doing this work. Because of her, I now am using Twitter and feeling very green. If you have the dream of getting your own book out there, I highly recommend her book.

I never imagined how much time I was going to spend sitting in front of my computer, checking on giveaways, Facebook posts, Goodreads news, and now Twitter. Its fun but it’s taking a ton of time and I want to get back to working on Rowan Druid Spirit Chronicles Book Two.

At least the cold weather is cooperating, with giving me more time inside to keep up with things!